A piece of Canada Goose Jacket sold $600 and what skills does it need?

Chasing luxury down jacket has become a fashion trend.

“If I conquered Siberia, I conquered Moscow. Because we produce the warm down jackets in the world. Not just in the wild, the city is becoming more and more cold. “Canada brand Canada Goose down jacket CEO Dani Reiss said in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek.

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As early as the winter of 2009, Canada Goose have been of varying length style popular in Canada the major streets of the city. Especially for girls, this embroidered “Canada map” down jacket is not only used in the temperature of the cold Blizzard days, even when the temperature is not so low, inside take unlined, light legs Canada goose Sale is to wear this hot sweat down show logo, is so headstrong!

Although most retailers all over the world are too burdened with Europe’s sluggish economy, but those high-end down jacket brand is “too hot to hot again.” The once team uniforms, has been successfully emerge from bloated image drum SAC, become an essential item fashion Icon.

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“In many places, those down levels of hot like 10 years ago, LV handbags. “Bloomberg Businessweek quoted JOOR Mona Bijour, founder of fashion clothing wholesale Cheap Canada goose platform as saying. JOOR this year will deal with about $2.6 billion of high-end retailers and fashion brands in order.

Italy brand Moncler down jacket, with its dazzling color and movement style has been dubbed “high fashion” down in Europe, the fashionable (and expensive) Moncler down vest has become the fashion for a long time people in Gstaad (Gstaad) ski part of dressing up after. In fact, until 2006, when the company decided on launch within the next three years women’s couture collection and male Canada goose Discount high fashion series. In the past 60 years, Moncler feather products in Switzerland ski lodges and other ski resorts in the world for sale. From 2011 to 2013, revenues grew by 60%, in the first 9 months of this year, sales rose 18%.

Last year, the Moncler set up shop in dozens of is located in a mild climate, to promote its products to enter the city. Moncler’s store opened to the world luxury spa in Hawaii because they believe consumers will buy it here, and then on holiday in cold areas.

Moncler is related to Balenciaga, Fendi and Junya Watanabe, Beams and other high-end brand cooperation, really into the fashion field. It also requests to Valentino’s Creative Director Alessandra Facchinetti, designer Giambattista Valli, in charge of sports and fashion design.

Canada Goose, Canada goose (in Quebec, the Chinese will tell you to call it a very fashionable) in the Decade’s annual revenues have increased from $5 million to more than $200 million, and its popular Trillium has sold close to $695. In order to fashion and atmosphere, just this month, the Canada goose Parka has opened offices in New York, their showroom to let brands and Manhattan’s high-end retailers better linkages and fashion buyers. Although classic Parka styles are slightly conservative, but as the Park in uniform the winds become more and more popular, plus functionality is too strong, buy an endless stream of people, “fashion” is so popular.


Canada Goose to create a polar winter clothing started 55 years ago, was founded in Toronto, only Canada country, coupled with quality white duck down and Coyote fur is used (and even the Arctic fox fur) collar, Canada Goose the price has been high. At present, the Canada Goose in Asia, only Hong Kong and Japan stores, all Canada Goose is Canada, and are hand-made.

Land Rover of the fashion industry, which is the location of Reiss, President of the Canada Goose, “most people never open Land Rover to go off-road, but knowing this car such were already in their performance. This is what people want–this is not Suzuki (Suzuki) partners. “He said. As we all know,

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was the cooperation of multinational canada goose expedition parka women team clothing supplier.

Meanwhile, according to the United States introduced high-end department store Nordstrom spokeswoman Pamela Lopez, UNIQLO’s Premium down jacket down series are the Nordstrom department store sales the fastest-growing category of Ms coat. “Its functionality is a huge attraction. “She said. Even though the vast majority of Nordstrom shoppers didn’t need to survive in low temperature conditions. People are looking for a professional in the field of “arrogant”, Moncler Canada Goose is set up their “brand”.

The funny thing is that “hot” these big down jackets are well-heeled Wall Street success. In their view, these expensive down rapidly, covering a wider range of consumers, not just the people who ski or dogsled. Washington (SAR) Carlyle (Carlyle) buy-out groups and investment funds Eurazeo in Paris respectively in 2008 and 2011, purchased a stake in Moncler. Carlyle capital for Moncler development Parka children’s product line into Japan market and opened dozens of new retail stores. cheap Canada Goose online one year ago to transfer a majority stake sold to famous private investment firms Bain Capital to accelerate expansion in the global market. At that time, the Bain investors said the company’s Ryan’s Cotton has a “legitimate label”.
There is a lot of money into, two down in the company’s performance in the campaign better. Canada Goose at the annual Berlin Film Festival, Utah luxury hotels, close to the headquarters of Toronto and Hollywood, to hundreds of people who show off their jackets new style to win the “Idol” fashion endorsement. Moncler also invited Pharrell Williams and renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz shot the most recent print ads.

There is one problem, though: some down companies invest a lot of time in Manhattan show, influence fashion sentiment, but more and more away from their “cold” nature. To this end, analysts say, coat manufacturer’s expansion space, brand DNA is a key asset. In short, the brand’s core products is vital for these high-end down jacket brand. This is why Moncler new series is published at the same time, salute took place 60 years ago Italy expedition to successfully climb K2 ‘s story.

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