Little canada goose even to -31 ° C

While frigid temperatures invade Quebec, young people in secondary schools insist to be fashionable and go outside without hat, boots or mitts when the temperature is –31 ° C.
Is it a question of image? Experts believe that even if young people do not dare to admit. “It’s true that it’s freezing in the ass”, dropped Alexandre, Monday, showing a wide smile despite the Siberian cold.
The coat off, without wearing gloves or tuque, the 16 year old comes out smoking Canada goose Outlet among all its courses. «It’s my daily life, I’m going out like that, summer and winter.» At the break of the afternoon to high school La Courvilloise at Beauport, dozens of youths, wearing very little, rush outside for a smoke or to simply “chill” with their friends. Several will take refuge in the shelters, while others strut in high winds.

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According to him, is not really an issue of allure, but rather of comfort if he wears running shoes winter outdoors. “Regardless, in shoes, it’s all the time. It is in shoe-slapping. We stay just 15 minutes out there,”said Adam.

According to an educator specializing canada goose jackets on sale in a private school in the area interviewed by the newspaper, everything is a question of appearance. “It’s a question of physical appearance. They won’t know if their clothes are hot, but rather if what they wear is beautiful,”she said, mentioning that style remains the priority of youth, while the comfort to ‘mode’ is not accessible to all.

“Right now, there is the mode of the Canada Goose, but it is a mode that is expensive,” says the expert.
“A stage of life.
The designer Jean Airoldi estimated that young people live their time. “We shouldn’t treat them when they have the flu”, he joked. “The problem is not when they are small, but when they are teenagers. By that time, their canada goose outlet clothes are not warm enough because it’s the look that prevails before the heat.” He stressed that it is “a stage of life it takes to pass” and that it does not understand.
According to him, there are ways to be fashionable canada goose womens jacket while wearing warm clothes and at lower prices.
“The Canada Goose is fashionable, but it is possible to find a much cheaper and very warm coat that we like,” he says.

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